•  How does the process work?

    4 simple steps are required of you; we take care of the rest.

    Step 1: select your current carrier.
    Step 2: select the plan you desire.
    Step 3: enter your phone number into the box that appears on the checkout screen.
    Step 4: Confirm the information you entered, accept our terms and conditions, enter your payment information and submit.

    After we receive your payment, if everything is correct, our system will automatically refill your account for the amount you requested, no need for you to do anything else.

  •  I just made my payment, how long until my service is back on?

    As soon as you submit your payment, there is a delay between when your payment is posted, when it’s processed and when we are notified. That latency is usually around 30-90 seconds. After we verified your payment, under normal business conditions, your transaction is processed automatically through our servers within 1-3 hours.

  •  I just paid my bill and my phone still isn’t working, what’s going on?

    There may be several reasons why this is happening. If 5 minutes have gone by and your service is still not on, please turn your phone off and back as this refreshes the connection between your phone and your service provider, if service is working look no further. If service is still not working and your payment was processed during active hours (between 9am ET and 5PM ET) check the email you provided at checkout, there may be something wrong with your account and we may have sent you instructions to proceed, the email will come from support@ezrefill.io. If the transaction was processed outside those hours and it is not working after 10 minutes of payment there may be a problem with the account or your carrier’s system that is stopping the automated payment from going through. Our specialists will get working on it during active hours and we will manually override the problem or notify you of the problem that is keeping your service from being refilled. Alternatively if you processed a transaction after active hours and your service was not refilled within 10 minutes due to a system error or problem on your account, you can email us requesting a refund and we will gladly process it during active hours so long as no refill was made on your account from our system.

  •  My service has been disconnected for a while, is it still okay to pay it?

    Most prepaid carriers grant you a 30 day grace period in which your phone can remain without service, but the phone number still belongs to you and you can refill at any point within those 30 days. After the 30 days it’s all up for grabs. If you have paid a phone with us that has been disconnected for over 30 days and we are not able to process the payment automatically because of this we will contact you with the PIN for the plan you requested along with detailed instructions of how to redeem it by contacting customer service. Please note that recuperating your number after that 30 day period is not guaranteed and your carrier may have to issue you a new number.

  •  What is a PIN?

    A PIN is a unique number that your carrier provides for predetermined values and with predetermined features. Once a PIN is added to an account it becomes your service, in essence your monthly plan. The PIN numbers we provide you hold the face value of the amount you requested and paid for at checkout so be very careful about what you do with them before putting it into your account.

  •  What is RTR?

    RTR stands for real time recharge, it the automated method we use to recharge your account for the amount you requested.

  •  How will the charge show up on my bank statement?

    The charge will appear under EZRefill, short for ezrefill.io.

  •  What are your office hours?

    We have 3 different sets of hours. Your payments are processed through the automated system 24/7. We also have what we call “active hours” from 9AM ET to 5PM ET, during these hours we have representatives standing by ready to answer your emails and oversee any transactions that failed to be processed by the automated system due to errors on the account, system, missing or incorrect information. Lastly we have traditional business hours between 8AM ET and 6PM ET during which you can call our office with any questions or concerns you may have.

  •  I accidentally submitted the wrong number, what can I do?

    Pray that the incorrect phone number does not exist on the system and isn’t associated with another account on the carrier you requested to pay. Seriously, we are not responsible for incorrect numbers, and if your payment posted through the automated system we will be unable to provide you with a refund. If the number did not exist and the automated system could not process the payment we will perform a manual check, if we discover that the number does not exist in the carrier you provided, we will search within other popular carriers, if the number exists, the expiration date coincides with your payment, and the plan coincides with the amount you paid, we will take this to mean you made a mistake on the carrier and will recharge the account on that carrier. If we cannot match the number we will contact you via the provided email requesting verification. If alternatively you have made a payment with us before, we will match the number with the previously provided number and correct it.

  •  What is the best way to reach you?

    You can leave us an email at support@ezrefill.io with any questions you may have, we will promptly reply with an answer.

  •  I see a charge on my debit/credit card or PayPal account that I did not authorize, what can I do?

    Email us with the transaction details, we will be happy to work with you to figure out what happened. Since we are dealing with phone numbers it will be very easy for you to identify who the phone number belongs to if it is a friend or relative that gained access to your information, resolve it with them if possible. If however after speaking to us you do not recognize the phone number that was paid with your account or think your information has been breached you can create a chargeback request with your card company or PayPal, we will work with them to provide documentation. Be aware that we take fraud VERY seriously. As per section 9 of our terms and conditions, which all users of our website must accept, we WILL take actions against the person who made the unauthorized payment including but not limited to interrupting, suspending or cancelling the phone number provided by the unauthorized user at checkout. Be advised that these actions are often final and irreversible.